B2B Matchmaking facilitate the meeting between institutions, companies and commercial agents for closing trade agreements, creating a new market for their products or services as well as new business opportunities to Companies.

MK Bridge provides information on how to access the represented markets. We will be at the service of both prospect partners to answer the questions until they find out all what they require in the market and the future business partner.


1.   Find commercial agents to represent the products or services of the companies.

2.   Supply business opportunities

3.   Report on the internationalization services and how to access the markets of the countries participating in the event.

Market Sizing & Opportunity Research

Understanding market size is critical to marketing planning. A market must be big enough to justify the resources and effort required to penetrate it. It is also worth understanding the difference between your current markets your potential markets.

Assessing the supply-side – All markets are supplied by other businesses. If we can identify these companies and assess their size, through aggregation, we can estimate the market size.

We believe it is always worthwhile tapping into this experience and knowledge, and checking it out against other methods of market sizing.